packaging the furniture for deliverysafely preparing the furniture for the tripcarefully loading the furniture into the delivery vanShipping Information

We are happy to say with confidence that we are able to ship both domestically and internationally. And have 25 years of experience doing just that! If you have made a Quatrine purchase and are located out of one of our local delivery areas we will set up outside delivery service for you. Just like the care and quality we put into our custom furniture, you can be sure we provide the same level of service preparing and packaging your purchase to hand off to our trusted outside shippers.

All of our custom furniture leaving our factory for independent delivery is prepared with the utmost care to avoid delays and damages. Our furniture is first completely wrapped and sealed in heavy gauge plastic. Recycled cardboard corner blocks are taped down to each corner and then the entire piece is put in a custom size thick corrugated cardboard carton. Then we create a custom size pallet to fit your piece which is then strapped down with a heavy plastic strap. The piece is as secure as possible for delivery to your home.* we do not charge a fee for this service.

Quatrine stands proud in the fact that we do custom furniture very, very well. Shipping is not our forte, so we leave that to the shipping specialists. We have had great success following this model.

Shipping and delivery are charged SEPARATELY from your purchase. Although this may seem steep at first, your investment is worth the extra money to get your purchase to your home safely and without incident. Often, as out of state clients do not pay tax on their purchase, this offsets the cost of the shipping.

Please note that Quatrine does not profit in any way from shipping costs. The price given to us by our shippers is exactly the price we pass on to our clients. Because we ship often the prices we can secure are the lowest available.

We provide two different shipping methods. Below is a short explanation of both;


This is the most economical way to deliver your custom furniture. Your purchase is brought to your home and then set down at your curbside or driveway. Please be aware that the driver will not bring the pallet to your door or inside your home. You will need to remove the pallet, remove the piece from the extensive wrapping and bring your piece on your own in your home and set in place. You will also need to have a place to discard the waste materials when finished. Curbside service is approximately 35% less expensive than white glove service and for those of you that can have a couple of strong individuals to help out curbside service can be the best option.


Although more expensive, we promote white glove service to insure no damages are made in the last steps of your delivery and you have ease of mind that you will get your furniture safely into your home. Although it doesn’t seem like it, but most damage is created from the truck outside your door into your home. And that’s AFTER all the steps taken to get it to you in perfect shape from our factory. White glove service guarantees no damages to the furniture or your home when installing. The drivers will remove your piece from the pallet, remove the packaging waste and discard and then place your custom purchase into your home at the location you have designated. They will inspect the piece with you to ensure there are no damages and even take pictures if necessary or requested.

Both of these options take up to 15 days, however, immediately after your piece is complete it is prepared and shipped out so often the time frame from ordering to delivery is shorter than when we do our own in area deliveries!

Our sales staff at your nearest Quatrine will provide you with shipping quotes before you make your purchase so you can be informed of exactly what your additional costs will be.

We have successfully shipped to Canada, France, London, Hong Kong, Hungary and Hawaii, and most of the states in the U.S. that do not have a Quatrine store. All of our clients have been thrilled and impressed with the quality and concern we place on our shipping services.

For further information, please contact your nearest Quatrine location.

  • Wood pieces such as dining tables, side tables and consoles are paper wrapped, corner blocked and then a custom crate is built around the piece on all four sides. We have never had a single damage shipping created custom pieces.