Custom Skirt Options

Give Your Luxury Furniture Flair with Custom Skirt Options

Skirting goes further than just the sofa. Our skirting options can be applied to sectionals, chairs, chaises, ottomans, side tables, and more. Create a space that is timeless, while also showcasing your personality with luxurious skirting options.

Create Furniture That Speaks To Your Style

At Quatrine, we build furniture for you. We have a strong passion for creating practical, quality, and comfortable furniture that has the ability to grow with you. Our skirt options allow you to add charm and character to your furniture. With your selection of style, fabric, and detailing, you will create furniture that cannot be found anywhere else. With Quatrine, you will create the home you want with your own personal touch.

Our Skirting Options

At Quatrine, we offer a variety of skirting options. From our classic Ruffle style to our sleek and modern French pleat, the design possibilities are truly endless. We have over 450 options of quality fabrics to make your skirting your own. Finish off your piece of furniture with a custom skirt to give your home the look and feel you desire.

Our Promise

When you shop with Quatrine, you will receive more than just a beautiful product. You will receive a promise of quality. Because we are locally owned and operated, we have the advantage of overseeing your product throughout each step of the process. We take pride in using sustainable materials in all our our products to ensure your safety and a lesser impact to the earth.

If you are ready to create a one of a kind piece of furniture with Quatrine, do not hesitate to give us a call or visit one of our showrooms.