Giving Your Luxury Furniture New Styling Options for Every Season

At Quatrine, we have revolutionized the way you shop for furniture. We allow you to customize every little detail of our entire collection of furniture. From ribbon to leg options, we have an endless selection of materials that will make it easier than ever to create the furniture that you have always imagined. We invite you to browse through our elegant styling options below to complete your design with us.

Fabric Options


You will find over 450 beautifully designed and crafted fabric options. Creating custom furniture is now easier than ever.


Leg Options


From classic to modern, we have a variety of sturdy leg options. Adorn your ottoman, sofa or chair with beautiful wood legs.


Ribbon Options


We have hundreds of ribbon options in our curated collection. Add a special design to accent decor with our elegant ribbon.


Skirt Options


Create a warmer space by adding a ruffled or sleek skirt to your furniture. Take a look at our curated collection of skirt options.


Welt Options


From bright patterns to simple stitching, our welting options will completely change the look and feel of your piece of furniture.


Wood Finishes

wood finishes

No matter if you are looking for an exotic sheen or a distressed look, we have an endless collection of wood finishes.


Stylings Options For All Your Furniture Needs

One of the fastest growing trends in home decor is getting custom-made, luxury furniture. Too many furniture stores have started carrying the same sofas, the same tables, and the same beds. The only difference you’ll find is the price tag. It’s time to make the upgrade to Quatrine luxury furniture, which is crafted from the highest quality materials by expert craftsmen and designers who care deeply about the work they do. You don’t need to settle for furniture status quo anymore.

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  • Worker Adjusting Springs In Newly Build Luxury Chair

Get Cozy With Luxury Living Room Furniture

Our styling options mean you can customize every detail for each piece of furniture you buy, from the fabric used, to the leg options, and even the wood finishes. You’re no longer limited by the stock options found at large chain furniture stores. Our custom-made sofas, sectionals, loveseats, and more are all made from the finest materials that are also environmentally friendly. You won’t find any harmful materials or toxins in our furniture, which is something other stores can’t say. You’ll give your family, friends, and guests a completely comfortable place to sit back and relax.

Bring People Together Around Luxury Furniture In Your Dining Room

People have forgotten how important the dining room experience is. The dining room is a place to bring people together, whether it’s family during the holidays, or for hosting a dinner party to entertain friends. The starting point to create a memorable evening is by having a collection of luxury furniture, including a beautiful custom dining table, along with some dining chairs or dining benches. You’ll really be giving people something to talk about.

Our Luxury Furniture Will Make Your Bedroom a Personal Escape

When you’ve spent time and effort creating rooms that are welcoming and hospitable to everyone else, you deserve some luxury furniture in your bedroom. Every night before you go to bed, and every day when you wake up, you should feel like royalty. Don’t think just because it’s a personal space that it doesn’t deserve the same attention you’ve given to your living room or dining room. Treat yourself to custom bedding, beautiful headboards, and elegant bed designs.

Choose Your Ideal Custom Slipcover with Luxury Styling Options

Now more than ever, people want customization options. You want to stand out from the crowd thanks to your unique sense of style. Look no further than Quatrine’s well-designed custom slipcovers. We recommend these to customers for a number of reasons. Firstly, being able to choose from hundreds of different colors, gradients, and patterns means you’ll be able to find the perfect look for your home, no matter the season. Also, since the slipcovers are machine washable, they’re great options for homeowners with rambunctious kids and pets. Whenever the slipcovers get dirty, they can be swapped out for a new one at a moment’s notice.

Versatile Home Decor Options For Every Situation

A collection of furniture is only as good as the way you complement it. Firstly, for your living room and bedroom furniture, you can choose from over 450 fabric options to create elegant custom pillows that will match any look you’re going for. Also, how you light a room can completely change the space. Choose from a number of our interior lighting options, including chandeliers, floor lamps, and table lamps. We only select lamps that represent the sophisticated sense of style our customers look for.