Instant Room Transformation

Pillows are a great way to make a quick and easy home transformation. Creating the perfect interior design element couldn’t be any easier with our custom pillows. Choose a design from our collection of limited in-store inventory below, or create your own custom design. The possibilities are truly endless.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

With Quatrine, we give you the ability to let your imagination take control. We have hundreds of options for fabrics, colors, designs, patterns, trims, and endless detailing options so you can create the home decor that you have always wanted. By simply changing a few pillows in your living area, you can completely transform the room. Change an entire color scheme with just the toss of a pillow. The possibilities are truly endless.

Elegant & Comfortable Accent Pillows

Our pillows come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate your personal taste and purpose. We have four collections, including Bolster, Lumbar, Rectangular, and Square. All of our pillows can be modified to match your style. We have over 450 fabric options that vary in texture, style and color to ensure that you can find the perfect match for your space.

Our Promise

At Quatrine, we have a strong passion for furniture that is practical, comfortable, and made from the best quality materials. We are a locally owned and operated furniture manufacturer, which allows us to create anything under the sun, without compromising on quality.

If you are ready to create one-of-a-kind accent pillows for your home, visit one of our six locations around the country or give us a call to start your order!