Custom-Made Luxury Furniture to Elevate Your Home Decor

We offer a great selection of custom luxury furniture. Browse our curated collection of bedroom, living room and dining room furniture below. We have over 450 selections of quality fabrics, ribbon, finish, and welting options that will make creating your perfect space easier than ever before.

Living Room Furniture

Custom Sofa in a Spacious Living Room

Gather with friend and family while lounging in custom designed, luxury furniture. View our collection of living room furniture here.


Dining Room Furniture

Newly Slip Covered Dining Room Chairs

The best memories are made around the dinner table. Create beautiful memories with a piece of custom dining room furniture.


Bedroom Furniture

Luxury Custom Bedding and Bedroom Furniture

Transform your home into a luxury retreat with our custom bedding, headboards, and more. We invite you to browse our collection here.


Home Decor

Wide Variety of Patterned Pillows

Whether you need decorative pillows for your living room or interior lighting for your bedroom, our home decor can match any style.


Showroom Furniture

Showroom Furniture Hub - Plush Upholstered Dining Room Set

If you’re not sure exactly what type of design you want, you can browse furniture found in any of our showrooms across the country.


Styling Options

Beautifully Designer Living Room Filled with Luxury Furniture

We’ve revolutionized the way you shop for furniture. Style every little detail, from the fabrics and welt options to the wood finishes.


Luxury Furniture At Its Finest

At Quatrine, we appreciate the desire to own and display the best luxury furniture brands in your home. Our living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture is all  handmade by expert craftsmen, seamstresses, and designers who use only the highest quality materials. We have a passion for creating furniture that is not only beautiful, but also comfortable, durable, and versatile. This perfect blend of comfort, quality, and aesthetic appeal will transform any room of your house. If you’re not sure where to start and need a spark of inspiration, you can visit one of our showrooms nationwide and see the difference for yourself. When you enter one of our locations in Texas, and California, that’s the first step towards owning expertly crafted American made luxury furniture. Don’t worry if you’re not able to make it to one of our showrooms: our team can facilitate the entire design process over the phone to help you create your very own luxury furniture. Then we’ll ship it anywhere across the nation. We don’t believe that custom furniture has any borders. With this kind of access to handmade goods, you’ll finally be able to make your home stand out in the best way possible.

  • Working Cutting Wood In The Quatrine Factory Warehouse
  • Worker Stapling Fabric To A Wood Piece In The Quatrine Factory Warehouse
  • Worker Sanding Newly Built Luxury Shelf
  • Worker Posing With His Various Wood Tools And Pieces
  • Worker Hammering In Quatrine's Factory
  • Worker Dumping Feathers Out
  • Worker Assessing Wood Piece In The Quatrine Factory Warehouse
  • Worker Adjusting Springs In Newly Build Luxury Chair
  • Tag On Fabric Roll In The Quatrine Factory Warehouse
  • Stack Of Various Pillows In The Quatrine Factory Warehouse
  • Stack Of Pillows In The Quatrine Factory Warehouse
  • Pile Of Newly Created Luxury Pillows

Rising Above Other Furniture Stores

We pride ourselves on what makes us different. Unlike most furniture companies, we don’t just pick and choose our stock from other stores and hike up the price. Instead, we start the process with the customer, and hand make every piece of furniture we sell, from large sectionals to dining stools. We’re one of the few manufacturers in the USA who dedicates this much effort to our work and to every customer. Our passion translates into beautifully crafted pieces that are custom designed to fit your needs. This means that if you have certain limitations or size requirements, our expert craftsmen can create a piece that fits your exact specifications. Don’t conform your home to premade, bulky furniture from other furniture stores. Create your own one-of-a-kind piece to not only maximize the space in your home, but also radiate your personal style. You don’t need to think about the home of your dreams anymore; you can make it a reality.

Stylish Custom Slipcovers

Besides giving customers access to the highest-quality luxury furniture options, we also design a number of custom slipcovers and fabric styles that can be swapped at a moment’s notice. One of the biggest hesitations that people have when buying custom made furniture online is that they can usually only get one color or design, and don’t even get to see what it looks like in person. At Quatrine, when you browse and buy our sofas, dining chairs, love seats, along with other living room furniture, you can choose any number of interchangeable slipcovers and fabrics to match any season. We have hundreds of fabrics, ranging in different styles, colors, patterns, and more that can let you create the best furniture that matches your own personal style. When you choose Quatrine, you have the opportunity to select every last detail of your furniture, something you simply can’t get when you visit other home decor stores. This includes the specific fabric and patterns, the wood finishes, welt options, skirt options, leg options, and even custom ribbons to add a splash or color. Having this level of customization means gives you the freedom to create the furniture you’ve always wanted but could never find.

High-End Custom Made Furniture

Quatrine custom furniture is one of kind, and we don’t just say that as a tagline. Every handmade piece we sell is unique in its own way, which is a rarity when it comes to furniture nowadays. Ensure that your home will always be a reflection of you and your personality. When you invest in quality products, you’re saying a lot about how you care for yourself and your family. We also offer so much more than other furniture stores online, giving you access to countless fabrics, stylings, and even a behind the scenes virtual tour of how we make all our beautiful furniture and fabrics. Making the switch to custom, luxury furniture has never been easier. Start filling up your wishlist with you favorite furniture, fabrics, and other styling options. When you are ready to take your ideas and transform them into a reality, contact us to start your order. Our designers will have instant access to your wishlist to see all of your creations. Designing your own, custom furniture has never been easier, which distinguishes us as one of the best furniture stores in the country.