Custom Dining Stools

Custom Dining Stools For Your Luxury Furniture Collection

Our dining stools are easily customizable to match any style at any time. Our collection can be adapted time and time again. From fabric to leg design to cushions, our dining stools will impress your guests and keep them comfortable all night. The possibilities are truly endless.

Create The Dining Space You Deserve

No matter the time of year, occasion, or day, your kitchen is always Grand Central Station. Kids, guests, and pets are constantly in and out of the kitchen to sneak a peek at that perfectly curated meal or to grab a quick conversation. Your cuisine gets them to the table, and our dining stools will keep them there to facilitate the making of lasting memories.

Comfortable and Practical

It doesn’t matter the time or place; comfortable and stylish furniture can create an inviting atmosphere for dining. Our dining stools were created with consideration for the endless meals, parties, and events that will take place in your kitchen. All of our dining stools are completely customizable. Choose your cushion fill, skirt style, welt, fabric, leg style and more.

Our Promise

When you purchase a piece from Quatrine Furniture, not only are you receiving a quality product, you also get the promise of a lifetime of comfort, style and longevity. Since each piece is made to order, you have the opportunity to customize or modify the selected style of dining stool. All styles can be shortened or lengthened to virtually meet any of your space requirements. Browse through our collection of dining stools to start creating a comfortable and functional kitchen for your family and friends.