Bedroom Furniture

Sleep Like Royalty On Our Luxury Bedroom Furniture

Our bedding, beds, and headboards will bring the elegance, style and functionality of your favorite retreat into your home. Because each piece is made to order, you have the opportunity to customize or modify your selected style. Let your imagination run wild while browsing our bedroom furniture below.



Wrap yourself in layers of luxury with our custom bedding. Your style, matched with our expert craftsmanship will give you the night’s sleep you crave.



fluffy bed

Never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again. Our collection of beds will transform your room into a welcoming retreat adorned with your personal style.



padded headboard

The bedroom is the most personal room in the home. Make it yours with our beautifully crafted headboards. Customize our designs to match your unique style.


Crafting Exquisite Luxury Furniture

At Quatrine, we want to share our love of the finer things in life with anyone who chooses one of our hand-made pieces of luxury furniture. When you choose Quatrine over other bedroom furniture stores, you’re choosing quality, comfort, and sustainability, all of which lead to a worthwhile investment. We care about the work we do, and only use the best materials in crafting our furniture. Make the bedroom the perfect retreat for the end of the day with all of our exquisite luxury bedroom furniture.

A Cut Above Other Furniture Stores

When you choose to visit one of our showrooms around the country, we guarantee you’re going to see something you like. We create a number of unique bedroom furniture sets using a wide variety of color and our custom made furniture. You can also speak to one of our many experts about any specialized orders you’re interested in, even if you’re shopping for bedroom furniture online, since we know every room is going to be unique in each home. Expect an excellent customer experience whenever you visit the Quatrine showrooms.

Custom Made Furniture For Your Bedroom

The bedroom is one of few places in your house that will rarely be on public display, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the chance to look on elegance and style every night before you fall asleep and every morning when you wake up. Unlike other bedroom furniture companies, Quatrine hand makes custom bedroom furniture, including bedding, beds, and headboards that you can design to your exact specifications in order to create the perfect bedroom setup. Talk to one of our experts and get started today.

Wrap Yourself In our Superb Custom Bedding

When we create our custom bedding at our manufacturing facility in Long Beach, California, we only use the highest-quality materials and fabrics. This ensures that the bedding is not only one of the most comfortable things our clients experience, but that the bedding lasts for a long time. We let you choose your own design and style, all while one of our expert seamstresses create your totally one-of-a-kind bedding. The next time you’re ready to make your bedroom personal palace, make sure you’re only using Quatrine custom luxury furniture and bedding.

Elegant Home Decor For Your Bedroom Furniture

The way you accessorize your luxury bedroom furniture will help define the look of the room. It’s not just enough to have custom bedding and a well designed headboard. Quatrine offers elegant, custom pillows that are a great way to make a quick style transformation. We offer a large number of already made pillow selections, but if you don’t see one that fits with the style of your room, we can create custom pillows from hundreds of different fabrics, colors, and patterns. Then, you can bring the whole room together with the right choice of interior lighting. You can make the room feel small and comfortable, or wide open and inviting, all with the right placement of floor lamps. Illuminate the space with the perfect bedside lamp, and make the space truly shine.

A Wide Variety of Luxury Furniture Styling Options

Unlike the standard stock options found at large furniture retail stores around the country, our luxury furniture can be styled with custom wood finishes, unique fabrics and more! You don’t need to worry about being one of many. Create bedroom furniture that is truly your own. We make the process of creating this furniture easy for anyone. When you contact us or visit one of the Quatrine representatives at our showrooms nationwide, we’ll help guide you through the entire process.