Dining Room Furniture

Impress Visitors With Elegant Luxury Dining Room Furniture

Great events and memories are made at the dinner table. Help create the perfect story with our selection of handcrafted dining room furniture. From innovative dining benches, to classic dining chairs, our inventory of dining room furniture will have you planning out your next event with the ones you love the most. Take a look at our curated collections below.

Dining Chairs


Dining chairs play an integral role in the function of your dining room, while showcasing your personality. Browse our collection of luxury dining chairs here to start transforming your dining room.


Dining Benches

dining benches

Create an open and inviting dining area with a beautifully crafted dining bench. Start designing your own, custom dining bench for your elegant dining space here.


Dining Stools


Create a dining area in any space with our elegant dining stools. Our selection of luxury dining stools will make it hard for you to leave the kitchen. Start designing your furniture here.


Dinner Guests Will Be In Awe Of Your Luxury Furniture

Quatrine luxury furniture will help completely revamp your dining room experience. Our expert craftsmen and designers specialize in creating one of a kind custom pieces that all work together flawlessly to create beautiful dining sets. We have years of experience designing furniture that matches any customer’s exact specifications. This ensures confidence in the investment’s long term value. Now, whenever you host a dinner party, or even enjoy a quiet night with the family, you and your guests will relish in superior quality. You can feel confident in having guests in your home throughout the year with your own, personalized dining room furniture.

A Step Above Other Furniture Stores

Quatrine is a entirely unique custom furniture company based out of Long Beach, California. We have showrooms located around the country. When it comes to what separates us from the competition, people choose our dining room furniture stores because they are confident in the high-quality work we present time and time again. Visit one of our showrooms in Texas, and California to see our custom luxury furniture in person. More than that, our in-store experts will provide unparalleled advice when it comes to styling options, color palettes, overall interior design, and anything else you can think of. If you’re not near one of our showrooms around the country, you can still get your hands on our custom made furniture. We proudly ship anywhere across the nation. You don’t need keep going back to furniture stores that can’t deliver on their promises. Make the switch to Quatrine today.

Quality Custom Made Dining Room Furniture

Our expert craftsmen and designers use the highest-quality materials to create unique wood pieces. There is a certain peace of mind that comes with buying hand-crafted furniture, especially when you know that it’s going to be a staple of your home for years to come. Our artisan craftsmanship ensures that your furniture is not only sturdy, but safe and eco-friendly. We ensure that the materials and building standards of our luxury furniture last for decades. You can browse all of our custom furniture online and then contact one of our representatives to start the buying process as soon as today. We invite and encourage you to continue exploring our site and to contact us if you have any questions. We’re happy to assist you in the design and creation of your luxury furniture.

Pick the Perfect Style Using Our Custom Slipcovers

When you’re looking for additional pieces to complement your elegant dining room, it’s important to have flexibility to match any season or style. This doesn’t just mean accessorizing the room in unique ways; it means having chair slipcovers that can be swapped out at a moment’s notice. Our stylists craft these slipcovers from a wide variety of colors and designs that will not only help you stand out, but let you live a little more carefree since they be thrown in the washing machine if they ever get dirty. Create a set of slipcovers for you dining room furniture that suits each season—deep hues for the fall, and splashes of bright color for the summer. The possibilities available to you are truly endless. To start designing your luxury dining room furniture, fill up your wishlist with desired fabrics, ribbons, and other styling options, then send to it to our team. We’ll discuss your designs and start creating your unique slipcovers.