Spend Some Time With Lieve Saether from Turnstyle

Episode 3: Spend Some Time With Lieve Saether from Turnstyle Design

Designer Lieve Saether of Turnstyle Design spent some time with us to chat about her background, what lead her to a career in interior design, and the evolution of Turnstyle. Lieve and her team love creating unique spaces for their clients that really speak to, and highlight their unique personalities. Using an approachable and playful style, Turnstyle makes their clients feel at ease and creates designs to reflect who they really are. Also during our conversation, Lieve shares her views on the future of Texas design trends, does a live demo combining patterns in her signature style, and gives advice for new designers. Watch until the end to catch our great question and answer session with our live audience. We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

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