Custom Wood Finishes

Make Your Luxury Furniture Shine with Custom Wood Finishes

Whether you want to create a weather wood grain or catch the sheen from gold leaf, we can help you create the furniture you desire. Dine in a whimsical fashion with a shining finish or bring in warmth with a rich mahogany. Browse below to find the right stain for you.

Unique Wood Finishes

Each piece of wood furniture that we finish gives a completely custom look and feel. Because each species of wood takes stains differently, you are guaranteed to get a look that is certainly one-of-a-kind.

Choosing The Right Finish

We all know the impact that color has on our feelings and emotions. Colors that surround us play on our feelings throughout the day. They can make us happy, sad, or even remind us of a special time in our lives. Choosing the right stain for your furniture may be difficult. When you browse through our curated collection, keep in mind that color may look different under certain lights and it can appear lighter or darker when applied to a different species of wood.

Our Promise

When you purchase with Quatrine, you are not only receiving a beautiful piece of furniture, but also a promise of quality. We have the unique advantage of having our corporate office in the same building as our manufacturing facility, which gives us 100% accessibility and control over your order and product. We take pride in creating sustainable furniture that is made from the best materials. Our team of craftsmen have years of experience working with sustainable furniture materials to ensure that your product is not only made to your design specifications, but is also safe for the home and environment.