Luxury Living Room Furniture

5 Signs it is Time to Purchase New Living Room Furniture

Luxury Living Room FurnitureA living room should be the social hub of any home, acting as a reflection of the homeowner’s personality. The room should be inviting and comforting to family, friends, and visitors on any occasion.

How to Know When It’s Time For New Living Room Furniture

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your living room could use an update? Here are some typical red flags that can help you determine if it’s time to make a change to your living room furniture.

You Gravitate Towards Other Rooms

Are you no longer wowed by the room’s aesthetic anymore, or do you frequently find yourself steering guests away from the room in favor of other scenes? This is the first indicator that your living room furniture needs an update. Trust your instincts on this one, since nobody understands the look you are going for better than yourself. Constantly questioning the makeup of the room is sign enough it’s time for a change.

Your Style is Eclectic but your Furniture Isn’t

This one may seem fairly obvious, but do not neglect your living room when you embark on a personal style shift. The new ultra-chic look you wear around town should not seem out of place when you walk into your own home! Visitors should instantly recognize that this is ‘your’ living room. Also, don’t think that seasonal furniture is exempt from this; just as your clothes adapt to the seasons, the right slipcover fabric can absolutely make or break the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Your Growing Collection of Luxury Furniture Isn’t Complimentary

Your collection will inevitably grow over time. The coffee table you bought a few years ago really blended well with the sectional at the center of your room. Unfortunately, the exquisite new replacement sofa doesn’t feel the same way about that coffee table. Living room furniture needs to mesh in more than one way. Don’t just look at the color of new furniture, the fabric options, the size, or any other one aspect. Great living rooms are created with meticulous consideration of every little detail.

Wear and Tear

Does that love seat with the rich, red hue purchased a few years ago suddenly seem…less red? If you can’t even remember what the original color was supposed to look like, you might be in the market for a new piece. On top of general usage, furniture placed in direct sunlight will begin to show signs of color fading. Patterns that were once vibrant might seem worn, stitching can suddenly start to unravel, you might see unruly stains, and those ruffles are showing signs of tear. Your side and coffee tables are not safe either, as they are susceptible to water rings, dents, and scratches.

Replacing worn down living room furniture is a great opportunity to invest in custom slipcovers. We love helping our clients choose machine-washable fabrics that match any style, giving them the

You Need a Massage After Sitting

When you get up from your couch, is it accompanied by an uncomfortable groan and stretching? Are your guests picky about which furniture they sit on? This can be an embarrassing moment for any homeowner, and it can stem from purchasing the wrong, low-quality living room furniture. Over time, poorly made goods will start to cause discomfort to you, your family, and friends. Make sure that you are wowing guests with not only how the room looks, but also the level of comfort and relaxation that comes with custom luxury furniture.

Don’t let nostalgia and familiarly ruin your better judgment in determining if you need new living room furniture. Reassess one of the most trafficked rooms in your home and make it a haven for rest, relaxation, and recreation.

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