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Creating Slipcovers For Every Season

Custom Slipcovers September 1 BlogChoosing a new piece of furniture can be difficult because most custom furniture providers force you to commit to a fabric. But if you’re like many of our customers, you want the opportunity to switch things up. That’s why we offer custom slipcovers for many of our furniture pieces.

Creating Slipcovers for Every Season

Some of our homeowners and designers like to switch out slipcovers by the season. A new color scheme or pattern can help you feel the essence of the season and offer a simple style change that brings a fresh feel to the whole house. Read on to find some inspiration and create a beautiful home for every season.


Some believe that winter is one of the most beautiful seasons. It is the season when you can cozy up with a blanket in front of a fire and have a guilt-free night in. Winter is also the time for the holidays. If you know you’ll be decorating with the classic greens and reds of Christmas or blues and whites of Hanukkah, update your slipcovers to complement these colors. If you’ve got an overwhelming collection of decorations you may wish to choose a neutral color or pattern that sets a simple base for the decorations to stand out. The guests that come to your home around the holidays will be pleasantly surprised by the tasteful complement of seasonal decorations and furniture.


Spring is all about celebrating new life. This season is one of the most colorful and is the perfect time to rejuvenate the interior of your home. Spring replaces the dark colors of winter in nature and brings in organic, new life. You can use slipcovers to create the same effect in your home. With the fresh, yet soft combination of of neutrals, paired with vibrant colors and floral fabric patterns, you can create a jubilant and elegant space that can be appreciated throughout the season.


Celebrate the long days and short nights of summer with bright and bold colors. One popular summer pop color is coral. The pinkish orange hue reminds us of the intense sunsets that grace us in the summertime. Our Imperial fabrics make for a great pop of spring color. Create a custom coral slipcover for a sofa, chair, love seat, or sectional to bring the bold into your home in the summer months.


After a bright hot summer, keep your home warm and welcoming with an autumn palette. Try choosing a pattern that resembles the falling leaves or something you would find in nature, like the Zira print. Pairing these fabric patterns with a darker wood finish can amplify the autumn season and keep the space cozy as you phase back into winter.

Bring new styles into your home without the need for a complete overhaul with custom slipcovers, and welcome each new season with open arms!

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