Lemons to Lemonade

Over a year ago, one of my very best friends confided in me that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. A devastating piece of news for me, I could only try to imagine what she was feeling and going through, but true to her strong and resilient personality, she powered through. Having surgery and repairing the damage done to her body. I was in awe of her strength, but continued to wonder, “how do you make lemonade out of those lemons?”

Of course, within a short amount of time after she had regained her strength she embarked on a new life calling. Reflecting on the causes of breast cancer and the many harmful things we put into our bodies, it struck her that we not often enough think about the items we put ON our bodies.

She was already the master of the latest potions, lotions, creams and makeup. Up to the minute and always SPOT ON. She was my go to for the best foundation, the cleanest toner and the shampoo that would make my frizzy hair straight and shiny. She was my beauty go-to. She did the research and work and I benefited from her knowledge.


But after further investigation into the harmful chemicals in the products we women use everyday she began a quest for natural beauty products. This snowballed into an unstoppable appetite to know even more. She researched everything she was using on her body and was shocked and outraged. Some of the most carcinogenic ingredients were listed right on the packages in her very own powder room.

She had found her calling.

Over many months she located mostly small grassroots suppliers of lotions, makeup, and all products related to beauty. Many of these women had whipped up their supplies in their homes in small batches. She made lots of friends with similar values and dedication. She heard similar stories and she had found her tribe.

A group of women dedicated to providing the products we all crave, as women, but in the safest way possible. She began ordering these products and trying them all out herself. Her hair turned to silk, her face glowed and her most importantly, her optimism and drive to become an advocate for safety in beauty products soared.


After amassing a small apothecary of her own at home, ordering, testing and awaiting results, she decided to bring her knowledge to the world by opening her own eCommerce business, Le Petit Apothecary, and has created for herself a full time job. A passion. Researching, testing and providing these products through her website.

I’ve been converted. Everything smells beautiful and natural. It all feels good going on my skin and the results are staggering. I want to help pass on her knowledge and website so that more women can benefit from her tireless work to find the beauty products we can love and help save our bodies at the same time.


She developed her own website, took many beautiful pictures of her products, and has easy, short descriptions of everything she sells.

Take a moment and checkout her website. She would love to make you a convert too.

Now that’s not just lemons to lemonade but lemons to sparkling lemonade. Bravo my friend. Good job.

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