Tips To Cozy Up Your Master Bedroom

We all long for a beautiful but cozy bedroom. Falling into cool, clean linens after a long day is a great instant stress reducer. If we dim down the lights and draw the curtains we can be in our own little sanctuary. Creating a dreamy bedroom is one of our favorite tasks. Allow us to help you with these simple tips to make your bedroom a place you look forward to each night.

No matter the size of your bed, an oversized comforter is a key element to creating softness in your bedroom. Think about a custom duvet in either cotton or linen, with matching large European square pillows to lie back on. Splurge on linen sheets and pillowcases, which are cool to the touch in summer and warm in winter.


Make your headboard an integral part of the design and style of your bedroom. A classic headboard, like our New Provence, in a natural linen, is comfortable and tufted for a traditional look.


Splurge on a pair of bedside tables to complete the look of a well thought out and functional bedroom. Our Studio Bedside Table is perfect for a lamp, some reading books, and even has drawers to bedside essentials.


Using color on your four walls will either make your room light and airy or more subdued and relaxing. Light grays and blues, crème and soft whites are best to keep an open feel. Darker hues of gray or taupe can create a more soothing feeling to your bedroom.

White and lighter colors make any space appear brighter and more spacious. By using darker colors on the walls, your larger master suite can feel more manageable. The room will feel warm and cozy with a simple coat of paint.


We have seen so many beautiful rooms be taken over by dark colors. Dark paint paired with poor lighting can take a room from a cozy retreat to an unwelcoming cave. Adjust your lighting and bring in white and mirrored accents to brighten up your space and create your own cozy haven.

Add a small chair such as our Entry chair or Morning chair, slipcovered in a light pattern to tie the room together and provide some seating space to read or just relax in. If you have the extra room, consider a chaise lounge. Our Milan chaise is one of our favorites and bestsellers!

If you have hardwood floors, put down a plush large rug in a solid color go for some texture or even pick a soft design to make your bedroom luxurious. The texture of a thick rug combined with other textiles in the room will fill the space with warmth and comfort. The room will feel more together when it is centered on a beautiful, thick accent rug.

We hope that these tips will help you choose the right bedroom furniture to transform your large hollow master suite into a cozy sanctuary.

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