4 Reasons To Love Your Dining Room


Your dining room is for more than just eating. Its for gathering, celebrating, and making lifelong memories. The dining room is often thought of as something from the past. Growing up with family dinners around the dinner table is something that should never be left behind.

We love to sit around the table for dinner parties, holidays, and other special events, but we believe that the dining room should be celebrated more than just on occasions. Not only is the dining room a place to come together, but it’s a place to grow together. We have compiled our four favorite reasons why believe that the dining room should not be something of a distant time.

1. Encourages Conversation

Getting cozy into your dining room furniture and enjoying a meal together brings about happiness and comfort. At the end of the day, your entire family sinks into their usual spots and dives into what was on their agenda. This casual, comfortable conversation is something that cannot be recreated anywhere else. In the dining room, you are free from distractions of television screens and can completely focus on the ones that mean the most to you.

The dining room also acts as a platform to be heard. After that grueling day in the office, at school, or simply running around town, there is no better place to speak your mind. There is comfort in knowing that the floor is yours and that you can speak freely to an audience that truly cares.

Teaches Our Children Manners

Raising children takes a village. Mothers, fathers, siblings, neighbors, nanny’s, you name it. It is so easy to fall head-on into the stresses of raising a child, that sitting around the table for dinner is a second thought.

We believe that the dining room is a place for growth in many ways. Growing to know each other, and teaching your children how to grow into lovely young adults. Having a set time to sit, eat, and talk around the dinner table, every night is important for instilling proper manners. Learning to sit up straight, chewing with your mouth closed, how to use utensils are all taught around a dinner table.

Taking away the dining room for a more casual dining experience in the living room can take away the precious moments of growth.

Gives The Opportunity to Explore New Flavors

Rather than ordering in your favorites and camping out on the couch for the night, cooking up dishes will allow you to explore new flavors. Having many dishes laid out on the dining table in front of you will prompt you to poke around and try new things. We love the “family-style” appeal sitting around the table and enjoying one meal together.

Builds Stronger Relationships

Settling into your dining room furniture for an hour or so per night will help build a better, deeper relationship with your loved ones. Whether it’s your daughter, your husband, or your grandmother, the time you spend around the dinner table will help you get to know each other on a deeper level.

The dining room is a place where your children experience their ‘firsts’, your significant other sees deeper into your everyday life, your parents to know more about your growing interests, and much more. The formal dining space is something that we can’t see living without. We hope that you have enjoyed reading through our four reasons why we love the dining room.

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