How A Sectional Sofa Can Make For A Happier Home

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When deciding to update the furniture in your home with custom pieces, one of the newest and best most popular options today is a sectional sofa. Gone are the days of “playpen” sectionals with dark, heavy fabrics. Today’s sectionals speak to all of us.

Are you hesitant about bringing a sectional sofa into your home? Keep reading to find out how sectionals can make your home a more functional and happy place.

Act As A Natural Divider

With so many open floor plan homes, sectionals can act as natural room dividers. Sectionals often provide a more comfortable and larger seating area. This can bring your family closer together as you watch your favorite shows together.

For those of you with large open floor plans, a sectional acts as a great divider and can dictate the layout of your room. As sectionals are relatively low, they do not impair the open feeling of an open floor plan but add style to the overall room, especially on first impression when you enter a home.

Encourages Conversation

Adding a sectional to your living space will add intimacy to the room. Conversation between guests will flow freely. You will never feel the need shout over one another from sofa to chair. When your guests are seated together on a sectional, no one will feel left out. By designing a custom sectional for your exact needs, you will have many memorable evenings.

Creates a Space For Lounging

We already know separated chairs and sofas tend to leave someone feeling left out. Nothing is worse than when someone has taken the only comfortable seating in the room before you got there!

There are no bad seating areas on a sectional. The corners offer a cozy feeling, and the ends provide extra space to stretch out in. Our Milan Sectionals With Chaise is one of our favorites as it has a chaise side and a sofa side, providing the opportunity for someone to lounge on the chaise and others to sit comfortably on the sofa side.

Makes Entertaining Easy

A sectional is not only fashionable right now, but it is also the perfect piece for those who entertain often. Gather many people on your sectional and watch the conversation take off. The comfort of a custom feather filled sectional helps guests to relax and enjoy themselves.

Can Be Easily Modified

The best news is that sectionals can now be designed with fabulous light colored fabrics. The ease of maintenance of slipcovered, custom furniture allows family and friends to enjoy a movie, eat some popcorn or a late dinner and drink, and feel confident that if Fido knocks anything off onto your slipcover it can be washed in your home washer and dryer. Magic! Stains are gone. This is especially handy, as sectionals tend to get the most use from active families with children.

When debating the layout of multiple pieces of furniture, open your mind to the possibilities of a sectional. A sectional will save floor space and provide ultimate comfort for your family and guests.

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