Choose the Right Chandelier for Any Space

Everyone loves a chandelier. They add some warmth and style to any home. But choosing the right room to put it in, the right size and style are difficult. Before you hit the lighting stores keep these few shopping tips in your head to help you through the process.


From classic, crystal, dramatic or modern it is easy to become confused and overwhelmed by the many choices available. The first order of business is to identify what will fit best in your home and with your own personal style. For example, if your living space is set with the clean lines of our slipcovered pieces such as the New Moroccan, the New Yorker, or the Munich style, think sleek and modern, but not too fussy. One great option would be the Silas Small Cluster chandelier. It will tie all the pieces in beautifully and provide a nice conversation piece as it is interesting and unique.



A chandelier is difficult to size to fit your space as you cannot see it outside of the shop and need to do a bit of visualization. The following tips can help you pick just the right proportions for any room:

  • For a medium sized room, look for a chandelier that is 18 to 24 inches in length.
  • When looking for a dining room, keep this rule of thumb, the chandelier should be at least 12” narrower than your dining room table’s surface.
  • In a tall entrance foyer (our favorite place to hang a statement piece) choose a larger chandelier that is at least 36” tall and has lots of chain so that it may hang low enough to be seen and admired. Our Ashton chandelier is a great option for a foyer as it is truly unique.
  • Standard ceilings with 8’ should not accommodate anything over 20 to 24” inches in height to stay proportional.



Often chandeliers need additional ceiling support so that they do not run the risk of destroying your ceiling or even coming down! Usually, iron chandeliers are the heaviest with crystal chandeliers following close behind. If your special piece weighs more than 15 pounds you should consider installing a special electrical box much like the ones for a ceiling fan. Most special electrical boxes are rated to support up to 150 pounds. Better to be safe than sorry!


Quite often this is a personal preference. You can get more dramatic results when your chandelier is hung a little lower than is traditional for more impact. This is especially true in a foyer. Watch not to bump heads for taller individuals!

  • In circumstances where there is a window in the room the chandelier should hang right at the center of the window.
  • In a two story home, slightly below the second story is your best bet.
  • In dining rooms with 8’ ceilings, choose between 30 to 36” above your table top, centered on your table.



The sky’s the limit on this! Don’t forget the nursery for a cozy touch to welcome a new baby. Powder rooms with can lighting can be softened with a small crystal chandelier in the middle and even covered porch areas can benefit from a fun iron chandelier with candles off the arms.

Be creative. Create your own mood lighting with dimmers and watch your rooms transform your house into a real home.

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