Creating Your Dream Sofa

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When you are finally ready to purchase your dream sofa, look to custom furniture makers. This will secure that you will be able to design exactly what you want and you will be able to choose from the variety of fabrics a custom furniture company can provide. Pricing may be higher than you expected to pay but the long term payoff is there. A quality sofa that fits your room, design style and needs will last for years and years. And look fantastic along the way!

No longer is a white or light colored sofa off limits if you work with custom slipcovers for your sofa. Look for washable slipcovers that can be cleaned at home in your own washer and dryer. Finally, a white sofa can be yours, look amazing all the time and be lived in daily! Save your “pop of color” for decorative pillows that you can personally design and change out frequently.

Measuring to design the right size sofa for your space is essential. Measure once, measure twice! Having the right measurements that work with your space proportionally is crucial. Flow is so important, can you still move around your room freely? Does the sofa overcrowd the room or appear too small for the space you are working with? Custom furniture allows you to design the perfect size and a custom furniture store will help you with the measurement process with their years of experience!

What will you be using your sofa for? Lounging in front of the TV with the occasional meal in your lap is common, so think about how often you want to wash your slipcovers. Pick a durable fabric that can take washings often and perhaps even a texture to hide dirt in between washings. When picking more of a statement piece for your formal living room go for a beautiful light colored linen. It adds unique style and comfort on a dreamy level! Add feather filled seats and backs for real luxury.

Choosing the style of a custom sofa can be daunting. So much to choose from! Bring in photos of what you like from magazines and your professional can help you design a similar piece. Tight seats and backs on a sofa are more modern in design but not as comfortable as loose pillow backs and seats. Decide if you want that modern look so badly you are willing to give up some comfort. In a large room consider a sectional, so hot now! Or two large sofas facing each other. For small spaces look to a love seat with smaller arms. This will elongate the loveseat without taking up more room than you have to work with. Finally, with custom sofas, you can choose length, depth and even height on your sofa.

Fabrics! Ahhh, the fun part. Children, pets or just a messy family? Look to light patterns or textures to hide dirt in between washings. If your finally an empty nester, the sky’s the limit and again, consider that white linen sofa you see in all the magazines but never thought you could own. The fabric and details available at a custom furniture store are endless and your personality can really shine through during this part of the design process. Another benefit to custom slipcovers is the ability to change out your look and feel in a matter of 30 minutes. Just take off the slipcover on your sofa and put the new one on. Our clients fall in love with custom slipcovers, changing the look in their rooms with the seasons and holidays.

Finally, add details available only at a custom workroom. Contrasting welting, or large banding at the bottom of a sofa skirt are all indicators that this is a quality piece built exactly to your specifications. Your one of a kind piece that you can enjoy and be sure no one else has!

Enjoy the process, take your time and use your professionals at a custom furniture store to insure mistakes are not made. This is an investment piece and you must take time to be sure you are getting exactly what you have always dreamed of. Use your store professional to help and provide suggestions. Before you know it, you’ll be designing your perfect chair too!

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