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4 Summer Color Schemes To Try At Home

Summer is here! The sun is shining and you’re ready to update your winter home interior. Getting your home ready for summer is the best part of the season! So many choices and options that will work this summer. Try one of these four color schemes to create a bold and bright or soft and airy space for your home.

1. Green & Yellow

These two colors are fabulous together. Yellow and green are a great combination for summer. Create an organic and natural presence in your home with simple accents of these bold colors. By choosing a lighter shade of these colors, you will create a space that is soft, yet fun.

If you want bold colors look to our BOXED IN collection, kiwi being the best choice. This interlocking pattern is modern yet fun and will add pop to any room. Consider the Parsons dining chair in this fabric to put around a dining table to brighten up any meal! With custom slipcovers on your dining chairs, you don’t need to fret spills and dirt as they are washable at home to bring them back to clean perfection.

Kiwi Fabric


Pita Fabric






White Tea

White Tea


2. Attracting Opposites

As mentioned before, you can get away with just about anything in the summer. Try pairing brightly colored opposites. One pair that we adore for the summer is orange and blue. A cantaloupe orange paired with a sky blue can create a tangy, yet elegant combination. The brightness of orange paired with the calming affect of blue will transform you to the coast of the Caribbean without even leaving your home.

This combination can be a bit tricky to get right. Start small with decorative accents like our French Country Linen pillow. Choose a fresh white with orange and blue ribbon detailing for an easy step into attracting bold opposites.


Blue is big this summer. From a Calypso feel to a Caribbean style, blue in any shade this summer is a spot on look. Think about solid linens in blue for your sofa and a fun patterned blue and white for chairs. Consider First Bloom-Slate or Imperial-Seaside to make your room interesting and versatile. With blue and white you can add lots of classic touches like silver frames and distressed wooden coffee tables. Big coffee table books and some fragrant candles will add to the charm.

Blue room

4. Shades Of The Same

Take this color scheme to the limit! Paint the walls in a dove gray, and go from there. A combination of grays and taupes is always timeless. If you’re brave, try whites and cremes, which is the best for changing out small decorative items on your end tables and coffee table. Shades of the same create the most tranquil of all environments so consider staying in the same color, just turn up the texture!

Beige Room

Try out one of these popular color schemes in your home this summer. This will make your home fun, bright and interesting to help you capture the essence of summer everyday.

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