The Best Of 2015 Living Room Trends
matching chairs

The Best Of 2015 Living Room Trends

Can you believe that we’re already halfway through 2015? We can’t! This year has been a great year for interior design. Throughout the year, we have seen a variety of trends popping up for in the living room. Some of them great and some of them… well, let’s just say we can leave in 2015.

We have come to love some of the trends that have emerged this year. Take a peek at our favorites below!

Bold Statements

Bright, vibrant, and beautiful – this is the new standard for living room furniture. More and more of our clients are demanding bold fabric choices to transform their living room into an eclectic, yet cozy sanctuary. Sensational blues, flaming reds, and pops of yellow are becoming a staple for chairs, love seats, and even sectionals.

matching chairs

Geometric patterns have a bold presence in the living room. One of our favorite combinations in the living room is the Manon chair adorned in the Imperial collection in Seaside. The simple and clean lines of our Manon chair and the bold, yet elegant design of the Imperial collection makes for the perfect eye opener in the living room.

Picking a classic sofa that fits seamlessly in your home, but designing it with an extraordinary color completely changes the feel of the space. You can take your living room from cookie cutter to sophisticated by simply adding a pop of color to your space.

Gallery Wall

Showcasing the things you love is a big trend in 2015 that we hope sticks around for a while. Nothing is better to accomplish this than a collection of beautifully handcrafted frames. The different textures, sizes, and colors creates a warm and welcoming space. Instead of one large piece of art, showcase all of your favorites in a simple and clean way. No matter if you are hanging work of renowned artists, or family photos, hang them together in a gallery wall to make them stand out.


In our Dallas showroom, we have captured this trend with our Santa Barbara. The clean lines of create a timeless work of art. The possibilities are endless.

Making the Ordinary, Extraordinary


This year was all about major transformations. We have seen living room furniture taken from ordinary to extraordinary. One thing we have seen in homes this year are impressive bookcases. Gorgeous built-ins displaying colorful book backs, nicknacks and seasonal flowers are in this year.

This trend is one of our favorites. In my personal home, I have floor to ceiling cabinetry that showcases all of my favorite things. With the addition of my ladder rail, my space is not only functional, but also a work of art.

Elegant Tripod Floor Lamps

Beautifully designed, three-legged floor lamps have taken over as the most popular floor lamps of the year. We started to see them late last year, but weren’t sure how they’d do in the new year. Clear out that forgotten corner of your living room to make way for this fun and funky trend.

In our showroom, we’ve taken a retro spin on this 2015 trend. Our Marcel Floor Lamp shines in an antique silver finish. It’s telescopic tripod base and spotlight globe let the lamp provide light and also function as a piece of art.




Our team has had so much fun this year incorporating these inspiring trends into our curated collection of living room furniture. This year really took us for a fun ride and we can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for us next!

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