Make The Most of What Grows Wild in Nature For Your Dining Table
Tree slices without barks

Make The Most of What Grows Wild in Nature For Your Dining Table

Summer is here! With summer comes the endless array of celebrations. From birthdays to impromptu celebrations of the gorgeous weather, being surrounded by friends and family is a summer staple.

No matter the crowd, a beautifully crafted centerpiece is always appreciated. Bringing the beauties of nature to your dinner table will make your dining room more inviting, and make the night more memorable. We love to harness the beauty of the outdoors at any chance we get. Gathering the kids for a scavenger hunt in the backyard can do more than you might think. The things you can find in your yard can translate into a beautiful centerpiece that is sustainable and created with love.

Step into the backyard and find the materials for your next table setting. We have compiled our four favorite finds in the yard that we use in our table settings below.

1. Branches

When your tree leaves behind twigs, unsightly stumps, and more, think of it as a gift. The twisting curves of the branches are the perfect centerpiece for a rustic touch to your dinner table. Stand them up in a vase or lay them down the length of the table. Surround it with an array of tea lights, a string of lights or leave them as is. We love to keep it simple. The dark mahogany of the branches plays off of the neutral scheme of our home, offering a natural, yet elegant look.

Brown dried hanging mushrooms in Autumn forest

2. Overgrown Leaves

There are endless possibilities for leaves. During the fall, you can almost always see leaves atop our custom dining table. The veins running through every inch of the leaf make for a beautiful decoration throughout the holidays. In the summertime, we pick the largest, brightest, and most beautiful leaves from hydrangeas, ferns, and more. The contrasting textures, veins and more make for a gorgeous table setting. We gather an assortment of cylindrical vases in various sizes to delicately showcase the beauty of the fluorescent colored leaves. After dinner, these gorgeous leaves can be placed throughout the living room to bring the nature around the home.

Beautiful closeup of a hydrangea.

3. Tree Stumps

We are seeing the growth of natural, untreated slabs of wood becoming a staple for modern decor. We have a fun way to add this beautiful touch to the dining table. Small, thin cuts of tree stumps capture the essence of the life of the tree. You are able to see the full lifespan from the center ring, all the way to the bark of the tree. Using these thin cuts under a beautiful arrangement of flowers is the perfect way to bring the outside, in.

Tree slices without barks

4. Moss

Moss? On the table? You may think we’re a little out there with this one, but we guarantee you’ll love the results. The little green mulch that grows your backyard is the perfect accent to any summer table decor. To create a romantic, lush table setting line a series of staggering candles down the center of your table. Add an array of colored succulents, or other delicate flowers of your choice. Fill in the spaces with your lush, resilient moss. The result will bring out a fresh, natural and romantic feel that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

really pretty green trail into the forest

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