6 Reasons Why You Should Design With Handmade Furniture
handcrafted furniture

6 Reasons Why You Should Design With Handmade Furniture

We are in an age where everyone has the same, mass produced things. From furniture to clothing and everything in between, many homeowners have the same products.  

As an interior designer, you want to give your client a home that speaks true to their personal style and modern design. You want to make them feel special in their own space. By buying mass produced products, both you and your client will not be pleased with the end result.

Your client expects the best from you, so give it to them! Design a home that is completely their own with handcrafted furniture. With custom, modern furniture, you have the flexibility to use the space to its full potential.

Designing with handmade furniture has endless benefits. We have compiled our list of the top 6 reasons why you should design with handmade, custom furniture.

1. Options, Options, Options

There are endless options to choose from with custom, handcrafted furniture. From fabric options to leg styles to size to shape… I think you get the point. Every little detail is left open for you to fill with your own unique design. If your client has a tricky space to design for, you will be able to conquer it with ease.

2. Ethical Production

When you buy a mass produced product, there is more damage done than you might think. Large manufacturing facilities churn out product after product using harsh chemicals, producing large amounts of waste, and potentially using unethical labor.

Handmade furniture is made with a more conscious mind. The use of sustainable materials and ethical production methods are something that you can almost guarantee when you receive a handcrafted piece of furniture. You can see the detailed work that was put into your piece, which is something that is hard to come by through mass produced furniture.

handcrafted furniture

3. Spread Positive Energy

By choosing handmade over mass produced, you are contributing to someone’s passion. The person that is crafting your furniture is, in fact, a person. They have wants, desires, and dreams. By purchasing handmade rather than mass produced, you are making that person’s dream come true. It’s the difference between buying something that is made a million times over, and buying something that was created carefully and joyfully.

4. Support Local Economy

Your money is better spent with handmade products. Compared to major retailers, a local craftsman or local custom furniture manufacturer recycles a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy. This will not only enrich your home with beautifully crafted, modern furniture, but also enrich our local economy.

5. Completely Unique

Your client wants something that is completely unique, so let them help! With your design expertise and your client’s preferences, you can create a piece of beautiful modern furniture that is completely unique. Your client will be ecstatic to find out that they had a hand in creating something that will last a lifetime in their space.

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6. Made With Quality

Although mass produced products are often more convenient that handmade, the quality is often lost in the process. A local craftsman is more mindful and deliberate about each detail of the piece. From the stitching to the frame, not a single detail will be overlooked.

I have always found joy in creating something with a client that brings a smile to their face. Most clients believe that we are just glorified shoppers. Prove them wrong with custom, handmade furniture. Not only will you receive the 6 benefits listed above, but also receive a happy clientele.

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