Investment Pieces: Crystal, Linen and Silver

Investment Pieces: Crystal, Linen and Silver

Jumping a bit out of your budget on fine accessories such as Crystal, Linens and Silver might be tough to rationalize at first, but when you take into consideration the many long years of use and joy you will get from these pieces it really makes sense to invest, invest, invest in these special home items. Adding elegance to your space and cherished for the many memories they will provide from their use.


No Matter your personal style, there are crystal pieces that will fit your personality.  Start with a simple crystal vase. A cylinder style is always versatile, as you can put both shorter cut flowers and longer twigs in it at different times. The reflection of that beautiful crystal with flowers bursting out from the top will make you want to just stop and enjoy your arrangement! A little hint!  Keep crystal vases sparkling clean with polident tablets or similar brand tablets for dentures.  Fill your vase with hot water, drop in the polident, watch it fizz and clean the inside of your vase beautifully.  It is best if you leave this overnight.

Crystal candlesticks are also a must have item in your home.  Especially if you entertain!  A set of crystal candlesticks are versatile as your  party needs dictate. Dress them up with small floral arrangements around the base or leave them with small votives to reflect light.  With our custom table and chairs you can dress up your table or dress it down depending on your mood.

Add candlesticks as your wallet permits, combining different styles and heights. Spread them along the center of the dining table for a dazzling design with your personal touches included.


Splurge-worthy linen is a must! Wrapping yourself in layers of luxury will wipe away all the stress from your hectic day. With a set of custom linen, your bedroom will be filled with your own personal style and maximum levels of comfort.

Your bed is your sanctuary. There’s nothing like jumping into a freshly made bed full of the softest linen. Feel like a million bucks while floating away into your dreams with a set of luxury, custom linen.

I am guilty of letting my heart flutter over everything and anything linen. It is the only thing in the home that I allow to be bestowed in wrinkles. The softness, the density of the weave, and the rustic/homey feel that linen provides will transform any space from bland to bravo.



Silver is exquisite and luxurious. When you are looking to splurge on something silver, splurge smarter. We love a set of traditional silver cutlery. We have lost touch with this side of elegance over the years. The traditional flare of a set of luxurious silver cutlery that – only brought out during special occasions – makes life events more special. The ornate handles, elegant simplicity, and integrity of each piece demands attention. With silver cutlery, you are making an investment that will give maximum aesthetic pleasure.

Can you hear your wallet calling your name? Give yourself a gift that will give again and again – and feel like a million bucks doing it. Compliment your luxury furniture with these three must-have investment pieces the next time you have the itch to fill your shopping cart. These three splurge-worthy investment pieces will give your house the feeling of a home for a lifetime.

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