Calming Down The Bedroom
comfy bed

Calming Down The Bedroom

comfy bedThe bedroom should be the most peaceful room in your home. It can help disconnect you from the stresses of daily life and calm your nerves after feeling like you have been going all day.  Looking forward to spending some down time in your bedroom so you can relax and rejuvenate is something you can enjoy every day.

Forget all the bedroom spreads in our glossy magazines! Just like photographing a model, a bedroom shoot is filled with stylists, lighting people, and a florist all there to enhance a bedroom to unachievable levels. Now add in the Photoshop expert and suddenly lights add a beautiful hue with no cords showing. And that not so beautiful view out the window is replaced with bucolic grasslands, a picture taken some 30 miles away in the country, superimposed into the window space. Maddening!

This doesn’t mean you can’t create your own little slice of heaven. Read on and we can give you some tips to make your bedroom the best it can be, delivering to you a peaceful place to rest your weary body.


Much like picking out an outfit, you need to consider how things go together and if the color palate really works in a calming way. Stick to a couple of soft colors and integrate them into everything in your room. Consider the bed linens, lampshades, rug, luxury furniture and window coverings when choosing for your room.

Lighting and Color

Again, sometimes the view out our bedroom window is anything but calming.  If this is the case, consider some translucent shades that let the soft light in but block your view of the neighbors’ trash area. Some simple gathered curtains or roman shades on top of this could transform an otherwise unwelcome sight that is right outside your window. Don’t skimp on window coverings they might be the second most important element to a relaxing bedroom. Place soft light bulbs in your lamps and put them on dimmers so you can adjust the lighting to suit your mood.  Consider glass bases on your lamps or silver plate. These work great in a neutral room but add style.  Lampshades should be light colored and linen or cotton.

Bed Linens

Without question, these are the most important element of a stress free and relaxing bedroom.  Try some 100% Egyptian cotton linens and you will look forward to sliding into bed each night.  

Bed coverings alone can get too busy if you’re not careful. Show some restraint when deciding on your linens and duvet. Stick to light, monochromatic colors. I still think white is the best for the bed; it is easy to place a beautiful throw at the bottom to add muted color. This can be changed out as well depending on the seasons or how you feel. Think of your bedding as the neutral canvas you have to work with as you add the other necessary items to your room.

Floor Coverings

If your room is carpeted, a low pile neutral carpet is best. It won’t clash with other decorative items in your room and can add some peacefulness when you enter. If you have hardwood floors a large area rug is a must.  Again, muted colors, perhaps a large pattern that is soft and allows you to change your throw and decorative pillows often. Carpet or rug, they add a sense of luxury and quiet your space, quite literally!

Finally, consider a plant or tree.  Perhaps a topiary plant on the bedside table or a floor tree in the corner. This is one of the tricks of great bedroom photography but one you can imitate as well! Bringing a plant or tree into your bedroom will remind you of the beauty of nature and help you to relax.  And if you’re feeling like you deserve a little pick me up, splurge on a simple floral bouquet. The smell of peonies or something similar next to your bed can help you drift off to sleep in a room of your creation!

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