Pillow Power: Make Cushions Last for Years to Come

Pillow Power: Make Cushions Last for Years to Come

One of the great elements of our custom sofas is the care and quality put into our loose pillow backs and seats. They provide unparalleled comfort and can last years if properly maintained.

Just a bit of routine upkeep will make a huge difference.

Weekly Refresher

Most importantly, it is best to flip your cushions front to back and left to right at least once a week to ensure the feathers continue to settle equally within the cotton casing.

After some time, when you are ready to give those cushions a good, fresh overhaul, read on!

Annual Makeover

All of our feather filled pillows use both goose down and goose feathers, which are the highest quality available today. To ensure a long life, treat your cushions to the following process once a year:

Remove the slipcover and canvas cover – Take the slipcover off the cushion and then remove the canvas cover. (Please remember that the slipcovers are washable, however the canvas cover IS NOT washable and will shrink if put into a washing machine. Washable canvas covers are available at our stores if you would like to be able to wash those, too.)


Peel the sides down – After removing these two cushion covers, you will have worked your way down to the feather filled envelope with a zipper on the back seam. Open up this zipper and pull the sides of the feather filled sides down. Much like you would peel a banana.


Expose to sunlight – Once you have half of the foam core exposed, move the entire cushion out and into the sun. Leave it for a minimum of 3 hours – but up to 6 hours is best! This airs out the foam and also helps the feathers to bounce back naturally. The feathers should fluff up to almost 1/3 more their size during this process.


Replace the cushion covers – After enough time in the sun, pull the sides of the cushion up and over the foam core and zip the back zipper. Reinsert the cushions into the canvas cover. (this might take a little muscle as you have added volume to the seat fill.) Finally, replace your slipcover over the entire seat cushion.

Why the sunlight? Here’s a little known fact! Feathers are naturally made to fluff when exposed to the warm sunshine. This is why you see ducks and geese sitting in the sun after a little swim in the water. The sun penetrates the small hairs on the feathers at the spine that had been wet and/or matted down. Drying in the sun ensures the duck will dry fast and is perfectly clean. The same is true of the sun and your feather pillows!

The back feather cushions do not have a foam core within, so they can simply be removed from the slipcover and canvas cover and placed in the sun as a whole pillow.

You will get many extra years of use out of your feather cushions if you take the time to do this simple maintenance once a year.

If you have concerns or questions don’t hesitate to call or email one of our Quatrine Furniture locations. Each shop will be happy to help you through the process!
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