Build a Luxury Furniture Collection in Your Home

Building A Luxury Furniture Collection

Build a Luxury Furniture Collection in Your HomeTrying to make your home stand out (for the right reasons) isn’t an easy task. Even if you have a stunning exterior, the way you decorate your home says just as much, if not more about you. Furniture of any variety goes a long way towards defining the essence of your home, which is why you need to spend a lot of time curating the right pieces for every room.

Creating a Stunning Collection of Luxury Furniture

Now more than ever, consumers want to own products that make them feel unique. Custom phone cases, special car features, and especially clothing, are all things people invest in for that exact sensation. Furniture that you can purchase from those run-of-the-mill large furniture stores have fallen behind in providing consumers with truly unique products. Each sofa or dining room chair is essentially the same, and at the most all you can do is change up the color. If you’re really trying to invest in the best decor for your home, then you need to start looking into custom luxury furniture. Here are some tips for curating a worthwhile collection.

Create a “Must-Buy” List

If you’re going to be investing in new furniture, then you need to start by finalizing what kinds of pieces are needed. To do that, you can create a “Must-Buy” list. Go through your home and pick out pieces that you’re ready to move on from. This can include smaller items like nightstands, to more central pieces such as sectionals and sofas. Once you have this initial list, start prioritizing which items you’re ready to replace first.

Create a Floor-Plan

An easy way to start laying out the new look for each room is by taking a blank piece of paper and drawing a rough outline of the room dimensions, and also gather dimensions of each piece of furniture that you’re keeping. Take the pieces that you know are staying in place and lay them out how you see fit. Once those are sketched, you will have a good sense of how big other, newer pieces can be. If you notice that a large item like the dining room table or sectional doesn’t fit, you can quickly try a few different arrangements. This isn’t an exact science, but you’ll at least understand how the room is going to come together once you get new furniture.

Work With Expert Craftsmen

The best way to get your hands on a collection of beautiful luxury furniture is by working with stores and companies that create customer furniture from scratch. You can have a say in nearly every aspect of the appearance, from the fabric type and color, to the wood finishes, welt options, and other styling options. When choosing who you want to work with, you can make sure that they only use the highest quality materials in creating your custom luxury furniture, making it more durable as well.

Buying Your Luxury Furniture Has Never Been Easier

When you’re ready to start transforming your home decor, then reach out to the luxury furniture experts at Quatrine. Our showrooms are located all around the country, and our craftsmen and seamstresses will work to create an entirely unique collection of custom luxury furniture that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.


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