Get the Most Out of Your Living Room Furniture

Maximizing Your Living Room Furniture

Get the Most Out of Your Living Room Furniture

When you’re in the midst of a full living room revamp, you need to think about it from a number of different angles. Are you going to have hardwood or carpet flooring? If it’s hardwood, will you use a rug for some spots? If you’re using a rug, should it match the wall color? What is the wall color going to be? You can get hung up for hours on end just thinking about all the various contingencies, but one thing you need to be conscious about is the type of living room furniture you’ll use.

Getting the Most Out of Custom-Made Living Room Furniture

Nowadays, getting living room furniture custom made has become somewhat standard for homeowners who really want to enhance their home decor. One of the reasons custom furniture is so popular is because it allows homeowners to approach a room revamp from the outside in. Don’t worry about if the furniture will match whatever color scheme you had in mind. You can create the exact pieces you need based on the wall, flooring and lighting options you’ve already decided on.

Know What You’ll Use Each Piece For

When staring at an empty floor plan for your living room, you need to really think about how you’re going to utilize any new furniture pieces. Is the sofa or sectional going to be the centerpiece of the room, or will it just be one of many seating options throughout the room? Have you given thought to a collection of smaller but just as comfortable chaises, chairs, and loveseats? Understanding the functionality of your living room will make choosing the right living room furniture that much easier.

Customize Based on Styling Options Most Important To You

As mentioned earlier, one of the best aspects of custom living room furniture is that you have a far greater say in what actually goes into its construction. Everything from the fabric to smaller details such as welt options can be chosen by your or by the designer you’re working alongside. This helps you remain flexible with the larger vision for your room. Furniture available in the large chain stores is very ‘cookie cutter’, which means you’re locked into whatever design the store provides. With custom pieces, you’re ultimately deciding the function and feel of the furniture by choosing all the styling options, making them inherently more valuable.

Maintenance is Key

Living room furniture sees the most use over the years, probably only behind your bedroom set. People are coming in and out daily, and if you have pets and kids, you know just how quickly those pieces can get messy. One of the best things you can do for living room furniture like sofas, sectionals, chaises, loveseats, and other chairs is invest in a set of custom slipcovers. Since they come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, they let you change up the look and feel of pieces quickly, but also provide a much needed layer of protection that can be changed when needed.

Invest in Living Room Furniture That Will Last

When going through the phases of your living room revamp, you can confidently focus on large ticket items like flooring and wall color early on, and then leave furniture to the end. With custom options available from specialists, you can get the exact pieces that will bring the entire room together.


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