Creating Custom Furniture for Your Home

Creating The Right Custom Furniture For Your Home

Creating Custom Furniture for Your Home

A rapidly growing trend in home decor is having custom furniture designed for rooms throughout your home. Customization is a popular trend in plenty of other industries, including automotives, electronics, and fashion, so why shouldn’t homeowners have the opportunity to get the exact kind of furniture they want in their living room or dining room?

What You Should Think About When Designing Custom Furniture

There are too many furniture stores out there that carry carbon copy products that only vary in color and price. With this happening, homeowners start to see similar pieces like sofas or tables in their neighbor’s house, which ruins that feeling of personalization that people crave with any products they own. Fortunately, there are furniture stores that specialize in creating high-quality, custom furniture in a variety of styles. Not only that, but you have different options to customize the pieces, making them truly unique. When talking to the designer about what you’re looking for, keep a few of these things in mind to have the best experience.

Know What Type of Furniture You Want In Each Room

Before going out and investing in a number of new furniture pieces, make sure you perform an internal audit of what you already own. It’s likely there are some great items which you can keep on for years to come. Make a list of items you know you want to keep, which ones you might keep, and which pieces you’re ready to move on from. This way, you’ll have a good starting point when talking to designers about your bigger vision. This will also give you a sense of how large certain pieces like sectionals or love chairs can be in your living room. When you know the dimensions of available space, you’ll get as close to a perfect fit as possible with your new custom furniture.

Consider All The Styling Options

Besides getting involved with the size of certain pieces (especially anything seating related), you will also have the ability to choose from a variety of styling options. If the only option available at a store claiming to specialize in custom furniture is choosing the color of the fabric, then you’re not in the right place. You should have the ability to customize nearly every detail, from the fabric options, to what sort of skirts or welts the piece has. You can get even more granular as you look into the wood finishes and ribbon options to top off your piece.

Lastly, you can consider accessories like slipcovers for your custom furniture. The base fabric of your piece may be permanent, but you have options to switch up styling nearly instantly by having a number of interchangeable custom slipcovers in a variety of colors and designs. These aren’t just great for style changes, but also in case you have kids or dogs that might trail in a mess. This will keep your furniture in the best possible shape long term.

Get Custom Furniture That Truly Stands Out

A person’s home is a reflection of their personality, so make sure it reflects you in the best way possible! Custom furniture will help you stand out and feel incredible about your home every time you walk through the front door, relax in the living room, or before you fall asleep.


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