Living Room Without Furniture

Others Places In Your Home For Living Room Furniture

Living Room Without FurnitureThe way people label furniture is also how they tend to think about where it goes in the home. For example, when people think of “dining room furniture” they rightfully think of tables or dining chairs. It’s unlikely that you’re going to have use for those pieces in other locations around the house. However, pieces that are labeled as “living room furniture” are actually some of the most versatile options for homeowners. For the most part, living room furniture allows you to sit back and relax somewhere comfortable, so why wouldn’t more homeowners take advantage of those pieces elsewhere in the home?

Spaces In Your Home That You Could Use Some Living Room Furniture

Outside of the living room, there are different spots that homeowners can use living room furniture. A lot of what you choose to do depends on how much space you have, and how you intend to use the room. Here are a few options you can keep in mind when putting together the decor of your home.

The Basement

If you have a finished basement, you have a huge amount of flexibility in choosing what you want to do with it. For many homeowners, it can basically become a second living room. As an example, maybe you want to create what is essentially a home theatre in your basement. You can purchase a custom sectional that will comfortably seat any guests, and have it facing a screen that can really immerse you in what you’re watching. Add in a few side tables for snacks and beverages, and you may have just found a new favorite spot in the home!

The Bedroom

For all intents and purposes, bedroom furniture isn’t going to be found in other locations throughout the house. You’ll rarely have a need for a bed or dresser in other rooms. However, different living room pieces can be a great addition to a bedroom. One of the simplest pieces you can add is a custom chaise that sits in the corner of your room next to a window or lamp. This way, in the morning or at night when you’re not quite ready to fall asleep but want somewhere cozy to read a book, the chaise gives you that option. Additionally, consider a piece like the gresham console sitting at the foot of your bed. It gives you somewhere to put watches, jewelry, or other accessories at the end of the day, along with drawers to keep books and magazines.

The Bathroom

This one may not be as obvious but you can actually take advantage of smaller living room furniture in your bathroom! If you have a vanity and are tired of that uncomfortable seat, consider something like a St. James chair. This modern piece is a stylish addition to your bathroom that also doesn’t take up a ton of space, meaning you can move it where need be.

Get Creative With Your Living Room Furniture

Don’t think that just because something is commonly called “living room furniture” that it can only be used in your living room. Visit a local luxury furniture store and talk with their experts and designers about how you can incorporate different pieces. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and how you can change up your home’s decor.

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