Displaying Old and New Luxury Furniture Together

old and new luxury furniture laid out in living roomOver the years, especially if you’ve moved between houses regularly, it’s likely that you’ve built up quite an impressive furniture collection. It’s understandable that you can get attached to an older piece of luxury furniture, especially when it’s made of high-quality material, is still comfortable, and looks as good as the day you bought it. As you invest in new furniture, you might be thinking about what to do with those older pieces.

Tips For Displaying New and Old Luxury Furniture In The Same Room

Just because you’ve bought something new, it doesn’t mean that you need to completely get rid of those older pieces. This is especially true if the pieces are still functional and you’ve kept them in good condition with custom slipcovers. Here is some advice for ways to incorporate furniture that you’ve bought and kept throughout the years.

Take Inventory: Know What Luxury Furniture You’re Working With

Before you begin moving things around and investing in new furniture, perform a thorough audit of the pieces you have in each room. Even if you originally bought a Manhattan Chair for your office, you might be able to repurpose that chair for your living room moving forward. By knowing all the different pieces that you’re working with, you can start to plan ahead before buying something new. Really examine what pieces you like, and which ones you can feel comfortable living without. This will influence the kind of furniture you are actively looking to buy.

Think About Furniture Size and Room Layout

It’s important to be mindful of your furniture’s physical presence when planning to refurnish. Anytime you’re mixing old and new, you want to avoid combinations that clash. Colors or patterns can always be adjusted by purchasing a new custom slipcover, but you need to be mindful of the actual size and how it sits when placed next to another piece of similar style.
For example, if you want to make a couch the focal point of your living room, the chairs, ottomans, and sectionals shouldn’t conflict with that objective.

As you combine old and new pieces, keep the room’s objective in mind. For a room that’s designed to entertain guests and visitors, make sure the entryways create an inviting and open path to the seating area. It’s inconvenient when someone walks into a room and the first thing they need to do is maneuver around the back of a sofa or a table in order to get comfortable. Sometimes, it can help to draw the layout of the room on a piece of paper, and label specific pieces so you can get a better idea of arrangement.

Finding A Good Balance For Your Luxury Furniture

One of the most important things to remember when you’re reorganizing any room is try not to overthink it too much. It’s your home, and you always know what’s best. Your first instinct about arrangement can sometimes be the right one. If you ever find yourself pressed for ideas or want some expert advice, visit a local luxury furniture store and seek their advice while seeing some furnishing arrangements first hand.

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