Assortment of Fabric Swatches for Custom Furniture

Ways To Style Your Custom Furniture

Assortment of Fabric Swatches for Custom Furniture

When it comes to furnishing your home, everyone wants to stand out and be remembered. Any time you have guests over, you have a chance to show your personality in fun and unique ways through your furniture and decorations. However, one of the issues that people can encounter with this plan is being limited to the same pieces of furniture that almost anyone can find in the large chain stores. Fortunately, you can now expand the horizon of your home styling by investing in completely hand made custom furniture. How you choose to fashion your individual furniture pieces is entirely up to you, and there are plenty of styling options.

Different Styling Options For Your Custom Furniture

You don’t need to limit which rooms in your home display custom furniture, since there are luxury furniture options available for your bedroom, living room, dining room, and more! Here are some of the ways you can choose to style your furniture.

Start With Premium Fabrics, Skirt Options, and Welts

When it comes to customization, the type of fabric you choose will set the tone for the piece. Normally, you have options in various colors, grades, patterns, textiles and more. You can also choose between a variety of furniture skirt options, whether you have your eye on a romantic french skirt or a more contemporary look with no skirt at all. The same can be said for any custom welt options. The color and fabric type can be different for every aspect of the furniture, so feel inspired to think outside the box.

Move onto the Legs and Wood Finishes

Whatever piece of furniture you’re crafting, whether it’s a sofa, a dining chair, or an ottoman, you want it to look premium from top to bottom. Functionality is important for furniture as well, so consider different custom leg options when piecing together your seating. If you want it to be mobile, casters will help you move it easily without damaging the floor. However, a more static piece can benefit from a ‘cone’ or ‘New Yorker’ block leg.

For some of the large legs, and then especially for something like a custom dining table, there are different types of wood finishes available that will truly make a stand out. You can choose a more exotic look if the room is styled in an eclectic way, or go with a classic dark alder finish.

Beautiful Ribbon Accents

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to color. That’s the idea behind a customized ribbon that can be used on dining chairs, pillows, or anything else you think needs it in order add a splash of color. A small addition like this can speak volumes about your personality to any guests. By having an assortment of ribbon options on-hand, you can choose the accents that best reflect your tastes during any season.

Make Your Luxury Furniture Truly Stand Out

When it comes to designing and styling your custom furniture, the options go as far as your creativity. However, you don’t need to feel constrained to the stock furniture that everyone else is buying. Reach out to a local custom furniture manufacturer, and speak to one of their experts who can work with you to design the ideal piece you need for you home.


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