A Sofa, Home Decor, and Coffee Table Books

Keeping Your Luxury Furniture In Great Condition

A Sofa, Home Decor, and Coffee Table Books

Whenever you choose to invest in a new a home, it’s expected that you’ll put a lot of effort into sustaining its quality for as long as possible. Part of keeping your home presentable also means choosing the right furniture and decor to reflect your personality while creating a welcoming environment for visitors. Just like your home, luxury furniture requires a certain level of care in order to make sure that you get the most out of your investment.

Best Practices For Preserving The Quality of Luxury Furniture And Home Decor Pieces

There are a few different ways that you can keep your furniture in top shape, regardless of its use or how it’s constructed. Certain materials will require greater levels of care in terms of how you clean it, but here are a few general things to keep in mind.

Refresh Seat Cushions and Pillows

In order to properly care for your seat cushions or pillows, it’s recommended that you air out the inserts once a year (or the pillow itself if there are no inserts). High-quality inserts will usually be feather stuffed. When you are ready to refresh the cushions, make sure you remove the inserts completely from any canvas cover, and leave them out in direct sunlight for a minimum of 3 hours, but consider up to 8 hours (preferably during the summer or spring depending on where you live).

The feathers will actually expand when exposed to sunlight, which is a natural response developed by many waterfowl like geese or ducks. This expansion of the feathers, and in turn the cushion, will allow for more airflow, freshening up the cushions and even eliminating any dust mites that may have accumulated over the long fall and winter months.

Caring For Wood Furniture

Caring for wood can be tricky, especially since no two types of wood finishes are the same. The process of cleaning can vary greatly, since some woods cannot be cleaned with more than a slightly damp cloth, while others can be cleaned with a soapy liquid. When you purchase something like a custom dining table, you should never leave the store without talking to the representative about best practices and what they recommended for light to heavy cleaning.

Where you put your furniture can also make an impact. You don’t want to place wood pieces directly adjacent to heating units or vents, since prolonged exposure can lead to a warped appearance.

Take Advantage of Custom Slipcovers

Using a wide selection of fabric styles, colors, and textures, you can create a number of custom slipcovers that will add longevity to your sofas, sectionals, loveseats, and dining chairs. Since many of them are machine washable, custom slipcovers can be easily interchanged in case they get dirty, which is great if you have any kids or pets running around the house! Always try to have some extra slipcovers stowed away in case of emergency.

Make Your Luxury Furniture Investment Count

Your furniture investment is worth the extra care and effort to maintain it for a long time. Keep your home decor as fresh as the day you first bought it, and let the personality of your home shine year round.


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