Custom Dining Room Chairs Around a Dining Table

Safely Moving Dining Room Furniture To A New Home

Custom Dining Room Chairs Around a Dining Table

When utilized properly, the dining room can be one of the most exciting and versatile rooms in a home. It serves as a social hub for people to share stories, enjoy delicious meals, and create memories that will last a lifetime. The way you set up your dining room is incredibly important to creating a hospitable vibe. However, what many people don’t think about when they’re setting up this space is what happens when you need to move to a new home.

Safely Packing and Moving Your Dining Room Furniture

Dining room furniture can be some of the most beautiful pieces you have, especially if you’ve invested in custom made articles that truly stand out. It’s very important that when you do need to move, you are properly packing and storing the furniture to ensure it doesn’t get damaged. Here are some tips help make sure you keep your investment in as pristine of a condition as possible.

Hire Professionals But Protect Your Pieces

Professional movers will typically be called upon to do the literal heavy lifting in a move. Even if you’re moving to a house in the same neighborhood, you want to do everything possible to keep your products safe. Before you actually start taking anything out of the room, make sure you take pictures of your tables, chairs, armoires, or other storage from different angles, both from a distance and up close. This way, when they arrive at their new destination, you have a point of reference to make sure they weren’t damaged. In the unfortunate event that they were, you have proof that the moving company was responsible.

Start With Dining Chairs

When you are close to moving day, always start by cleaning and dusting the furniture, including dining chairs. If you have custom slipcovers for them, make sure you remove the slipcovers, put them into airtight packaging, and keep them in the dining room to be packed alongside the chairs. This helps make sure nothing gets lost in transport and you don’t need to go digging through boxes to find the right slipcovers. Additionally, let the movers know if the chairs are easily dismantled. Professional moving companies will have the tools necessary for disassembling, since it makes furniture easier to store, transport and less susceptible to damage. They’ll assemble the chairs upon arrival at your new home.

Handling the Dining Room Table

This is often one of the most difficult pieces to transport because of its size and weight. A custom dining table is the centerpiece of the room, and protecting your investment is so important during a move. Make sure the movers are made aware of any restrictions when it comes to cleaning the table in case they plan on wiping it down after the move. Certain woods can be ruined if they are cleaned with too much water, the wrong solution, etc.

Next, if applicable, have the movers carefully disassemble the legs from the table, and wrap every single piece in bubble wrap. If the legs are not detachable, then the movers should be very thoroughly covering and wrapping the table. Make sure no type of tape is every used on the table, as adhesive can ruin wood finishes.

Treat Your Luxury Furniture With Care

You want to protect your investments, especially in the dining room. These pieces will be used for years to come. Before making any final purchases, always talk to the manufacturer about best practices for maintaining your furniture for as long as possible.


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