Custom Living Room Furniture Made By Quatrine

4 Components of Eco-Friendly, Luxury Furniture

Custom Living Room Furniture Made By Quatrine

Understanding the Components of Eco-Friendly Luxury Furniture

For many homeowners, choosing eco-friendly, sustainable furniture is a main priority. Having eco-friendly furniture in your home may provide you with benefits that you might not have ever considered before. For growing families, pets, and guests, having certified green furniture can provide your home with an organic look and feel.

Over 80% of all furniture sold in the US is typically doused in toxic chemicals that can cause cancer, autism, and learning disabilities in children. By choosing luxury furniture that is free of these toxins can help you keep your home safe and comfortable for all guests.

What makes furniture eco-friendly? As you’re shopping for sustainable luxury furniture, here are a few things you should look for.

1. Free of Flame Retardants

When some furniture is created, it is covered in flame retardant powders to ensure that the furniture does not off gas other chemicals. In some cases, the flame retardant powder can fall out of the upholstery fibers and mix into the air and dust in your home. The toxins that are inside of flame retardants can clutter your clean air and make for less organic living.

There are many luxury furniture companies that specialize in crafting chairs, sofas, sectionals, and other luxury furniture that is free of this chemical to ensure that you are getting an eco-friendly, toxic free piece of furniture.

2. Recycled or Certified Sustainable Wood

Usually, wood that is taken care of can last a very long time, maybe even a lifetime. Rather than participating in deforestation, there are some custom furniture makers that have incorporated recycled or certified sustainable wood in the composition of their furniture. This can provide the homeowner with a piece of green luxury furniture that can be appreciated in the home for extended periods. Wood that is flawed or that has been used for other purposes can be manipulated and refinished to create the legs of sofas, bases of dining tables, an exquisite lamp, and more.

3. Upholstered Sofas, Sectionals, and Chairs

There are many ways that upholstered furniture can be repurposed and used for generations. With upholstered furniture, you have the option of creating custom slipcovers that can be interchanged time and time again. This can function as a more sustainable option than getting completely new furniture.

Many luxury furniture stores can create slipcovers ranging in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and textures to give your eco-friendly furniture the ability to be recreated to appeal to different seasons and styles.

4. Locally Crafted

If possible, buying luxury furniture close to home can be another step to a more eco-friendly home. In some cases, many components of a single piece of furniture can come from all over the world. The amount of traveling it takes to assemble and transport the completed furniture to a store or home has the ability to leave a large footprint.

By buying luxury, custom made furniture from a local furniture store, you may be making a more economical decision.


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