Luxurious Custom Fabrics From Quatrine

Five Non-Negotiables in Choosing Luxury Furniture

Luxurious Custom Fabrics From Quatrine

A beautiful luxury furniture piece provides the transformation your home needs. If you’re starting to shop around and you don’t have an interior designer by your side, you’ll need to know the basics of choosing features that can make your furniture last forever and look fantastic all the while.

What to Look For in Luxury Furniture

The following non-negotiables should give you a great starting point for what to look for and what to inquire about while shopping for new luxury furniture.


If you live an eco-friendly lifestyle and you care about protecting your environment, you don’t have to forego your values while furniture shopping. Look for furniture that uses sustainable materials. Look for CertiPUR-US® certification, a program that certifies furniture during the manufacturing process. CertiPUR-US®-certified furniture uses polyurethane foam, which has no formaldehyde, lead, mercury, or other metals or chemicals that have been noted to deplete the ozone.

One-of-a-Kind Fabric

There is a place for basic, neutral colors and patterns in every home, but one major sign of a great luxury furniture provider is a wide array of fabric options. You deserve to choose a fabric that matches your personality or the personality of your family. The patterns and colors offered to you should perfectly intermix with the people as well as the fabrics and materials which surround it.

Quality Wood

The wood that’s used to make your luxury furniture pieces should be absolutely one-of-a-kind. Inspect the wood carefully and inquire as to the type of wood. Alder, Mahogany, Oak, and Walnut are all wonderful options that provide a solid structure to luxury furniture. Alder belongs to the birch family and can be found in North and Central America. It has an even, balanced color tone. Mahogany comes from many corners of the earth including Central America and the West Indian Islands. It is known for its reddish sheen when it’s polished and for its durability. Oak wood is incredibly dense, making it strong and sturdy. From Portugal to Japan, oak trees grow all over the world. Ask for the story behind the wood used in your luxury furniture. The more you know about the materials involved, the more you’ll love your piece, and your provider should know where they get their wood from.

Quality Legs

Quality legs are the foundation to your furniture piece. You need a furniture provider who builds with quality materials. Try looking for a sustainable furniture provider that grants you peace of mind that your family and environment aren’t hurt in the making of your furniture legs. Whether Caster, Spindle, or Cone, inquire about the materials that your furniture legs are made of.


Look very closely at the fine details of your luxury furniture piece. Every piece of carved wood, ribbon, welting, fabric, and more should tell a story. The mark of true craftsmanship is in the little details – even the parts of the furniture that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Take your time inspecting an item prior to purchasing. Choose a piece made with love from a provider who truly cares about the small details and that piece will last a lifetime.

Ready to get to shopping? Come to Quatrine for the ability to build your own amazing luxury furniture. All of your non-negotiables can be fit into one lovely piece just the way you want it.


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