Custom Luxury Dining Chairs Around a Table

Use Color To Help Your Dining Room Furniture Stand Out

Custom Luxury Dining Chairs Around a TableIn a lot of houses, the dining room is a tucked away space that’s only used on formal occasions. When a room isn’t used regularly, it’s styling is often neglected and can actually bring down the mood of a home. However, the way you set up your dining room furniture, and what you surround it with, can completely change the way you and your visitors see the room.

Using Color To Make Your Dining Room Luxury Furniture Pop

The proper use of color is absolutely essential for creating an appealing luxury furniture setup, and when done right it will make you want to use your dining room on a regular basis. Use some of these helpful tips to brighten up your dining room experience.

Custom Slipcovers Can Change the Mood

A great option for homeowners is to purchase dining chairs that have interchangeable, custom slipcovers. This is really beneficial for a few different reasons. First, assuming that you’ll actually be dining in your dining room, there’s a good chance that food and drink can accidentally end up on those chairs. With slipcovers, you can quickly and easily remove one that’s dirty and replace it with a clean one. Additionally, having a variety of slipcovers gives you options to personalize so you can create a space that reflects the seasons year-round.

Use Accessories To Complement You Luxury Furniture

When you invest in a beautiful luxury furniture like a dining room table, it’s important that it doesn’t sit bare in the room. In order to make sure it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, you can use a number of colorful accessories that draw attention. For example, depending on what type of custom wood finish you have, you can use a colorful centerpiece on top of the table, or line nearby shelves with smaller plants to complement the vibe of the room. Try to find a unique piece that shows your personality and interests, and isn’t necessarily something that anyone could find in a store.

Windows and Walls Can Impact Your Custom Made Furniture

When talking about what you’re surrounding your luxury furniture with, don’t be afraid to think literally! Your walls and windows can really set the entire tone for how the dining room is perceived. Do you have flowery, bright curtains, or dark, thick ones that block out light. There isn’t necessarily a right option, but it’s important to understand that everything in the room, including the wallpaper color, must work together to create a complete experience.

Don’t Forget To Check Your Local Furniture Stores

If you’re not sure what you need to help your dining room luxury furniture stand out, don’t hesitate to drop by your local Quatrine furniture store. Try to go back to the same store you originally bought the furniture from, so you have a better point of reference. That way, you can see different color combinations that you might have not explored before, and can see what they look like in person.

Having the Perfect Dining Room Furniture Setup

Whenever you’re looking for inspiration to complement your luxury furniture, don’t hesitate to contact a local Quatrine furniture expert. They’ll be able to provide you with a number of ideas, and even give you feedback about your current setup.


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